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Being in the beauty industry for long as we have been, there is definitely some advice we can offer you.  Please read carefully to make your next visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

Budget your time

​Though we have several stylists working on a daily basis, lines will form during lunchtime and during the evening rush home.  If you’re in a hurry, please visit us between those 2 peak times, and we will surely take you in right away.  If there is a line, please write your name down on the waiting list and take a seat.  Your name will be called in the order it was written. Your patience is greatly appreciated. If you’re on a tight schedule please make an appointment for your services.  We make appointments for all our services, including threading.  Though there is no extra charge to make an appointment for the majority of the services, we do charge extra for Eyebrow threading and other face threading appointments.  If you’re interested in making any appointments, please call your closest location and they will take care of the rest.

Preparation for Threading

When you come in for threading, please make sure to let the stylists know the exact shape you would like.  If there are areas you wish not to have them touch, please make them aware of that as well.  For customers with sensitive skin, you may notice some redness- it usually goes away within the first 5-10 minutes.  You can always request for more Aloe Vera Gel from the stylists, as it will help cool your skin diminishing the redness.  Customers with extra sensitive skin may notice minor bumps, rashes, etc since skin pores were left open allowing more exposure to natural bacteria on skin.  Please wash your skin and apply a topical cream or lotion like TendSkin or consult your dermatologist.

Preparation for Body Waxing

Please come in 5-10 before your appointment and relax.  Tense muscles make it difficult to remove unwanted hair.  Please make sure that the areas to be waxed are bathed and clean, free of any body oil or body cream since clean dry skin is optimal for best waxing results.  In addition, please don’t trim your hair or shave them prior to your visit.  Your stylists will take care of everything, including trimming overgrown hair with hospital-grade sterilized scissors. Please make your stylist aware of any areas you don’t want them to touch within your waxing area and wear comfortable clothing to prevent irritation after you are done.

Preparation for Brazilian Waxing

In addition to the general guidelines mentioned for Body Waxing, please review the definitions of the various bikini line services with your specialist.  Your specialist will walk you through the entire process, and will never dip the spatula into the can of wax once it touches your skin.  This 'No Double Dip' policy is strictly enforced at all locations to upkeep a hygienic and sanitary service.  In addition, please refrain from getting these sensitive services done during your menstruating cycle since it will only make you feel more pain.  In the best interest of the client, the specialist will not perform bikini treatments during such a time frame.